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Hell Yes! I'm Ready!


WHAT'S NEW? Well over the past year I have gone through a transformation of my own. Learning that I have Asperger's, which means I am on the autism spectrum, had me re-evaluate everything that I thought was normal. 

While one of my businesses skyrocketed, the other plummeted and I had to make big decisions in my life & business. Out of all of this, I discovered a NEW way to Create the Rules. Some of this challenge is similar to previous years, but I have had added new levels, made new videos and have an extra SPECIAL bonus. When you sign up for the 2018 FALL CREATE THE RULES challenge, there is an additional option to get EVEN more. For $11 USD you will get a special power pack worth $50 USD in the mail from me.

Because I have something for you. Something you won't get in any other free challenge or course available. And, I am not going to tell you what it is. Curious? Join now and not only will you discover my surprise for you but you will also discover the super power inside of you that is just aching to come out and play. To show you that ANYTHING is possible for you, your life & your business. This challenge changes lives. Are you ready for it to change yours? 



SUPERCHARGE your confidence and SHIFT your mindset to make ANYTHING possible

The Create the Rules challenge solidified some major changes I wanted to make in my business. 

Art fairs stopped being a primary source of my income, by choice, and the challenge helped me realize I don't need to second guess that decision. 

I set goals based on the lifestyle and ease we want to have then backed out from that to determine exactly what I need to do to get there. Ultimately, through the challenge, I created an outline for my business this year and even heading into the next few. I set a monthly sales goal for summer, fall and winter of this year and at this point I have hit each month's goals and now am exceeding them. 

Instead of feeling fear about pitching my ideas to businesses who could well use my services as a potter, I was excited about sharing my ideas. 

It's been a good year with some major changes because instead of riding the tide based on someone else's ideas of what a pottery business should be, I create the rules. 

This is my life. This is my business.  I create the rules.

Rebecca Graves


The Create the Rules Challenge helped me realize that I can do the parts of my business that I love doing and hire help for those parts that I don't enjoy doing. So I hired a book keeper asap. And just recently I took on more help doing some physical tasks that take time away from me doing other work that I need to devote more time to. It also made me realize that I CAN make money doing what I love! I've expanded my studio space to be more efficient and just today I signed on with my first wholesale order and they cut me my first cheque then and there!

Allison Barnes

During the last Create the Rules challenge, I really started to think outside the box and I really got focused on what I was doing, and how I really wanted to be working and handling business. I put some numbers to paper and come up with dollar amounts on paper, and then worked out what it would take to achieve that. The challenge helped me to get and to keep focused on action and I was able to see what I could become. Who I could become. One of the challenges was to think about our talents and skills, and which of those we loved (I'm paraphrasing here). It was uncomfortable for me to think about what I'm good at, I don't really like talking about myself. But I got it done, and I've been able to use that list and what came of it to tweak my focus in what I am doing, and what I'm outsourcing too!

And of that came me finally getting off the "I can do it all myself" train and I have hired someone to help me finish building my website - a task that I definitely wasn't loving myself. I've also put a price tag on my consulting and coaching sessions since doing the challenge!

Karen Redepenning

Magic Happens

Hi! My name is Marissa

I'm a transformational business coach for dynamic, powerful entrepreneurs. Is that you? Do you LOVE making money from what you intuitively do best? Is your creativity going to one day rule the world? Are you ready to build a business that gives you more time to do what you love the most - create, travel, time with the family or whatever else it is that makes you yell HELL YES!

I only work with entrepreneurs who are ready to pump up their business & to accept success for themselves. No excuses, no what ifs, no blaming others for setbacks.

The difference between a successful prosperous entrepreneur & an almost-there struggling entrepreneur is the  complete knowledge & acceptance of self-worth. When we fully know & recognize our own worth we not only raise our prices, but we also start working with AMAZING clients. 

  • Your  personal relationships get stronger.

  • Anxiety & stress levels are dramatically reduced.

  • People around you will start to notice the change and tell you how much you inspire them.

After I left my 14-year marketing & communications corporate career, I began my full-time journey as an entrepreneur. I had already been running two creative businesses, my business coaching on the side plus leading a direct sales team of over 300, so I thought the transition would be easy.

What I discovered about myself is that I was SO comfortable having a full-time paycheque come twice a month that I didn't really charge my full worth in my coaching business. Even in my other two businesses, I was undercutting prices, operating under the limiting belief that underpriced meant accessible. 

It doesn't make it accessible. It makes it exhausting. Your clients & customers actually respect you less. They say no to your underpriced offers. When they do say yes, they don't value your work at the same level as the time & energy you put into delivering to them.

They even complain when you deliver EXACTLY what they asked for. Sound familiar?

What will your life be like when you're

completely in your

creative zone of genius and charging EXACTLY what you're worth?

This is where you get to create your own rules

When you discover the secret to stepping into this massive power of confidence, you will also receive:

  • Incredible clients  who love what you do or make for them. In fact, they will rave about you to others like them who will then become your new customers.

  • More ease & flow in your life & business because you are spending less time hustling and more time creating sweet products & packages your audience craves. 

  • Opportunities to be an expert in your field such as public speaking, magazine & podcast interviews and even as a sought-after contributor to major publications -  online & in print.

  • Credibility and legitimacy in what you do. When you know your self-worth, others will know it too.

Discover the power behind your own confidence

You've got this incredible power that you haven't even BEGUN to tap into. Why wait? Join my FREE challenge and discover what other entrepreneurs already know - your confidence is your secret weapon to building a thriving, prosperous business.

Disclaimer: Results are not typical. Earnings are not guaranteed. 

Like all good things, your success is based on what you're willing to put into it.

The good news is you get to define what your success is.

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